Naturopathic Physician

Naturopathic medicine aims to treat the cause of an illness not just the symptoms; promoting health and wellness for all ages.

In Oregon licensed Naturopathic Physicans can practice as Primary Care Physcians with prescription, laboratory and imaging prescribing capabilities.  Dr. Jackson refers to licensed laboratories and pharmacies, local hospitals and imaging facilites when appropriate. Dr Jackson also has a naturopathic pharmacy onsite for your convenience.

East West Naturopathic Clinic treats patients of all ages.

Dr. Jackson specializes in male and female hormonal imbalances, thyroid, adrenal and neurotransmitter disorders.

This family practice clinic treats all ages and many diseases. For your convenience we bill insurance companies directly for known covered services. Your health and well being are important to us and we look forward to serving your healthcare needs.  


The following is a partial list of services Dr. Jackson provides:


Naturopathic Physician