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Staying on Your Supplements is Important

I have had the pleasure of speaking on the phone as well as having video telemedicine visits with many of you these past few weeks. I am struck by the selfless actions that many patients are reporting that they were doing, such as making homemade masks for others for free, checking in on elderly neighbors and just by wearing masks and gloves when they are in public, THANK YOU!

I also am please that so many of you are continuing your vitamins and supplements. One of the guiding principles of Naturopathic Medicine is to treat the whole person which means keeping our mind, bodies and spirits healthy. For example, supplements to help your mood are just as important as immune boosters right now.

It is common knowledge that an infection from this novel virus, COVID 19, seems to cause more serious symptoms to those people who have other underlying health issues. So by continuing to do what you can to stay healthy and to continue to treat any health conditions that you personally may be experiencing will in turn help to keep your immune system strong as healthy.

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Michelle K Jackson


Naturopathic Physician