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Is Your Thyroid Gland Optimal?

I hope that you are all doing well. This weather is finally SUMMER! I did want to speak today the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a small butterfly shaped gland in your lower neck near the Adam’s Apple and it only weighs about an ounce. But it is an important gland as every every cell in your body has thyroid hormone receptors on it. Thyroid effects energy, metabolism, mood, memory and other glands’ functions.

I treat many patients with sub optimal thyroid function, they often come to me saying that they suspect that their thyroid function is low because of fatigue, weight gain, low motivation, ect but their test results are “within normal range”. The problem with the testing is that the “normal” ranges are very large and patients may just be barely within the normal range. Within that normal range of numbers there is a more narrow range that is an optimal range. I believe that each person is an individual and we should thrive for optimal range of laboratory testing for optimal health.

The other issue with standard laboratory testing for thyroid function, is often just one test called a TSH is tested. It is important to test the actual thyroid hormones which are T4 and T3. I often will run other blood tests such as an inactive thyroid hormone called Reverse T3 and antibody testing to rule out if there is an autoimmune issue with the thyroid.

Patients do not always have to begin on medication. Thyroid hormone is composed of 2 main ingredients, an amino acid called tyrosine and a mineral called iodine. At times supplementing with these “ingredients” can boost the thyroid production. Because the endocrine system (your glandular system) works together, a dysfunction in another gland such as the adrenal gland or the ovaries or testes, may be the cause of the thyroid dysfunction.

There is a lot of vitality in this small gland and if you suspect that you are having thyroid issues, feel free to contact the office.

Michelle K Jackson


Naturopathic Physician