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Seasonal Allergies Part 2

I wrote an email about Seasonal Allergies about 2 months ago but since I have been getting many calls about uncomfortable allergy symptoms now, it feels like a good time to visit the topic again.

I know that I suffer from grass allergies. I try to limit my exposure to grasses when they start to seed but since I love being outdoors, staying inside is not an appealing option to me. But I will quickly shower after being outside for a length of time in order to wash off any potential pollen or grass seed that may be on my skin, hair or clothing thus decreasing the exposure time to the allergens. I will also use the Neti pot or saline nasal spray after being outdoors for a larger length of time and I always do a nasal rinse at night during allergy season. The main way that pollen and allergens get into our bodies and therefore produce a histamine reaction is by breathing them in through our nasal passages.

I do not usually have a wheat or gluten sensitivity but since wheat is in the grass family, when the grasses start to seed, I cut down or completely cut out eating wheat during my grass allergy season. This practice can decrease the potential cross reactivity or the possibility to build upon or potentiate an already allergic reaction.

Since environmental allergies usually involve a histamine response, cutting out foods that naturally have histamine in them is a great idea for any allergy season. Some of the high histamine containing foods include cheese, wine and beer, dried fruit, melons, citrus,nuts and nut butters, chocolate and avocados. For a complete list of histamine containing foods, an internet search should give you more than enough information.

Finally, an individualized treatment plan may be needed for you to determine food allergies, as well as what specific vitamins, supplements or homeopathic remedies would work best for you and your allergies.

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