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Simple Healthy Immune System Tips

I hope that you are doing very well.

I would like to include in this email some common sense reminders that we all can be doing to help our immune systems stay strong and healthy, whether we are talking virus protection, seasonal allergy symptoms reduction, or over all well being.

Some of my patients have asked me to to talk about specific natural treatments for COVID -19 but since COVID-19 is a novel virus, I suspect that there will be much research to come about specific agents that will protect us from and treat the virus but since we do not have that information yet, I feel it is safe to suggest people do some basic habits that can help their immune systems stay strong and healthy. Some simple ideas include:

ADEQUATE SLEEP Our immune systems regenerate during deep restorative REM sleep. Most people need an adequate 8 hours of sleep for our immune systems to function properly.
PROPER NUTRITION In one of my next emails I will comment on foods that you probably have at home that can support your immune system.
LOWER STRESS This suggestion can be difficult for some people right now. But cortisol, which is released with stress can effect our sleep as well as our immune system. Too much cortisol will lower the SIgA system of our immune system and we can be less likely to fight off infections on our mucosal surfaces such as our nasal passages, mouth and lungs.
CONTINUATION OF MEDICATIONS, VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS If you have been prescribed vitamins and supplements by myself or someone else try to continue to take them. You may not be eating as well as you were when you were able to get fresh food daily and a supplemental vitamin and mineral can give you what your diet may be missing.
PROPER EXERCISE Exercise will stimulate blood flow in your body, circulating your lymphatic system which is a major part of your immune system. Exercise also releases powerful brain chemicals that will improve our moods and mental function.

If you are having a problem with sleep, digestion, feeling depression or anxiety, or if you are having issues with regular exercise due to pain, now is the time to get help with these symptoms. Simple at home tests, through saliva or urine, can easily assess cortisol levels, SIgA levels,evaluate sleep, energy and mood brain chemicals. These tests can still be drop shipped directly to you or picked up at my office. Keeping your mind, body and spirit healthy will help your immune system. We are here to help via phone and telemedicine consults.

Take good care of yourself and let us know how we can help.

Michelle K Jackson


Naturopathic Physician