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Simple Steps To Manage Stress

I hope that you are all doing well, staying safe and enjoying our beautiful Central Oregon summer.

Since I have not sent an email in awhile, I thought that I would touch upon some simple but powerful tools to manage stress.

Limit News: Although it is important to stay updated to the current events, but at times the information can be overwhelming and repetitive. By trying to limit the time each day that you are listening to or reading the news (you can even set an alarm to remind you to move onto other things) you may be able to use that time to perform more productive stress reducing activities.

Discussing feelings: Having another person to talk to and help you understand, validate, and identify any feelings or problems that you are experiencing can help you process your thoughts and prevent rumination.

Take Time To Relax: In order to balance our busy lives we must take time each day to do something fun or relaxing. This is needed to refuel our minds and bodies in order to continue to be productive when we need to be.

Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule: The value of sleep can not be under rated. Going to bed and getting up the same time of day, every day will help your body get into a natural sleep cycle.

Maintain a Healthy Diet: I have written several emails about the value of a healthy diet. Food is our first pharmacy and nutrient rich foods can help our immune system and prevent disease.

Stay Active: It is easy to feel fatigue during times of stress. But by being active, it has been shown to boost mood, increase energy and decrease stress hormones. Start small and do something that you enjoy such as biking, yoga or even dance.

If you need help with implementing any of these steps or if you suspect that you have more involved issues, feel free to call the office to set up a phone, telemedicine or in person visit.
Take good care,

Michelle K Jackson


Naturopathic Physician