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Time For New Habits/Mindfullness Practice

I truly hope that you are all well. Although the last few months have had its difficulties for sure, I am inspired by my patients as they share with me positive health changes that they have been able to implement while they had been at home more. As we head back into our routines that are perhaps more busy again, ask yourself, can you continue to practice or enjoy something that you were able to do while you spent more time at home? If you would like to capture some of the peacefulness that you may have felt during this down time, you may consider a mediation or mindfulness practice. I will share one of my favorite mindfulness practices with you at the end of the email.

If you were not able to implement a new health practice, I ask you, is there a health goal that you would like help with? Anytime can be an opportunity to make positive changes in your life. Summer time can be a great time to change an old habit for another habit for better health.
Would you like to lose weight?
Exercise more?
Sleep better or longer?
Tackle a mood disorder?

If there is some health goal that you want to change and that you need some help and guidance with, feel free to reach out.

The mindfullness practice that I want to share is :
Sit quietly; take a few deep breaths. Look around and say aloud or say in your head 3 things that you see, then say 3 things that you hear and then say 3 things that you can physically feel. After a few deep breaths repeat with 2 things that you can see, hear and feel, and then 1 of each. End with a few deep breaths. When you are concentrating on what is present in your then your mind can not run away or wander.

We are available for phone, telemedicine (preferred) and in office visits. What do you want to change?
Take good care,

Michelle K Jackson


Naturopathic Physician